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Each argument to annotate() is an annotation that will be added to each object in the QuerySet that is returned.

The aggregation functions that are provided by Django are described in Chmaori Unique Design Summer High Heel Women Thin Heels Visit New 2018 For Sale sv68w

Annotations specified using keyword arguments will use the keyword as the alias for the annotation. Anonymous arguments will have an alias generated for them based upon the name of the aggregate function and the model field that is being aggregated. Only aggregate expressions that reference a single field can be anonymous arguments. Everything else must be a keyword argument.

For example, if you were manipulating a list of blogs, you may want to determine how many entries have been made in each blog:

The Blog model doesn’t define an entry__count attribute by itself, but by using a keyword argument to specify the aggregate function, you can control the name of the annotation:

For an in-depth discussion of aggregation, see the topic guide on Aggregation .

By default, results returned by a QuerySet are ordered by the ordering tuple given by the ordering option in the model’s Meta . You can override this on a per- QuerySet basis by using the order_by method.


The result above will be ordered by pub_date descending, then by headline ascending. The negative sign in front of "-pub_date" indicates descending order. Ascending order is implied. To order randomly, use "?" , like so:

Note: order_by('?') queries may be expensive and slow, depending on the database backend you’re using.

To order by a field in a different model, use the same syntax as when you are querying across model relations. That is, the name of the field, followed by a double underscore ( __ ), followed by the name of the field in the new model, and so on for as many models as you want to join. For example:

If you try to order by a field that is a relation to another model, Django will use the default ordering on the related model, or order by the related model’s primary key if there is no Meta.ordering specified. For example, since the Blog model has no default ordering specified:

…is identical to:

If Blog had ordering = ['name'] , then the first queryset would be identical to:

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Historical knowledge
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A distant war, Royal Danish Arsenal Museum
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Guided tours

It was always important for the Vikings to be on good terms with Store Sale Online 2018 Discount Urworthit 2018 Women Summer Platform 41 Leather Casual Footlocker Finishline Cheap Online Big Discount Cheap Price Sale Clearance Store yHCnSciXj
. In order to ensure that this was the case they made “blót” sacrifices. The blót was an exchange, in which they sacrificed to the gods in order to get something back in return. For example, this might the gods’ goodwill regarding weather, fertility or luck in battle.

Viking names in the landscape today

Glavendruplunden on Funen. Photo: Danielle Keller.

Old place names can indicate which gods were worshipped in certain geographical areas. For example, Tissø in West Zealand and Tyrseng at Viby in Jutland, are named after the god Týr. Týr was the god of war, but also god of the assembly or “ting”, where legal proceedings and meetings were held. Therefore Tyrseng may have been a location for assemblies.

There are also places in Denmark which are named after Odin. The Vikings did not use Odin’s name indiscriminately. It was reserved for places of special significance. Onsholt in Aarhus is one such place. Onsholt is a shortening of Odin’s Holt, which means ”Odin’s Wood”. We know from written sources that the Odin cult demanded human and animal sacrifices. Both animals and people may have been hung at Onsholt. Odin was the god of the upper classes and was primarily worshipped by magnates and warriors.

Another example is Odense, which means Odin’s Vi. The word ”vi” appears in many place names and means shrine. The Vikings called special consecrated areas “vier”. Here sacrifices were offered to the gods in natural surroundings. The word ”vi” is still used in Danish and means to make something holy. It forms part of the Danish words “vielse” (marriage or wedding) and “indvi” (christen, consecrate or ordain).

Magnates’ residences in Scandinavia

Magnates’ residences with cult buildings and sacrificial areas have been found at several locations in Scandinavia. These include: Tissø, Lejre and Toftegård on Zealand; Gudme on Funen; Sorte Muld on Bornholm; Lisbjerg Church and Erritsø in Jutland; together with Uppåkra and Järrestad in Scania, Sweden.

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