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CT Viewpoints (https://ctviewpoints.org/2018/04/13/giving-birth-is-hard-enough-promoting-the-health-of-incarcerated-women/)

CT Viewpoints
Criminal and civil justice
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Yale School of Public Health

M.P.H. Student and Global Health Justice Fellow at Yale Law School

Imagine giving birth. Lower back searing with pain; muscles internally twisting and seizing with each contraction; hips feel like they’re being slowly dislocated; body rocking to distract from the pain.

Now imagine all of this but in a prison cell, with metal shackles cutting into your body and questionable medical care that may heighten, rather than calm, your anxiety. For many, the word “torture” comes to mind and, for many, it would be unthinkable that this type of treatment is occurring in Connecticut — but it is.

Some of the 936 women at York Correctional Facility in East Lyme, the state’s only correctional facility for women, have told me and others stories of such treatment.

In response to these inhumane conditions, dolunke Canvas Shoes Lazy Summer Shoes For Womens sys835 Outlet Low Shipping Fee Buy Cheap Affordable AEAagw
has introduced Affordable Online Clearance Recommend MSLNCORP Plus Size 3443 Women slippers Summer high heel Cheap Sale Affordable aiJhvx5P7H
, An Act Concerning the Fair Treatment of Incarcerated Women. First and foremost, this bill would prohibit restraints and shackling on incarcerated women during labor and delivery, thereby reducing the danger of falls and other bodily injuries and enabling medical professionals to provide necessary interventions.

Prison system officials argue that such provisions already exist within current guidelines, however, the definitive legal prohibition that this bill outlines will codify such provisions and provide clear enforcement mechanisms.

Many women in Connecticut’s prison are survivors of gender-based and sexual violence and may also be battling mental health and substance abuse issues. For anyone, pregnancy is mentally, emotionally, and physically arduous. So, providing services to ensure a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and birth will help limit the trauma that many of these women have already endured.

As a Yale School of Public Health student and member of the Connecticut Public Health Association (CPHA) Advocacy Committee, there are additional parts of SB 13 that I believe are integral to improving the physical and psychological health of both the women giving birth and her baby.

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have received instruction on childcare, special testing (i.e. ultrasounds and maternal blood tests), diet, and other relevant reproductive health information. SB 13 will provide people who are pregnant with maternity resources like prenatal and postpartum services as well as education on prenatal nutrition, high-risk pregnancies, and addiction and substance use during pregnancy and childbirth.

Errors in trees will produce spurious inferred duplications.
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Numerous observations that gene duplications that increase protein dosage can be pathogenic further support the model of optimum copy number for each gene.
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As shown here, these latter classes comprise only 10-25% of all repeat classes, indicating that most repeat types are simple duplications.
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Within the eukaryotic crown group, we obtained evidence of specific instances of duplications and gene losses that are restricted to particular lineages.
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Here the discourse can be arranged through perfect, imperfect and differentiated duplications.
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Earlier, we saw that homologous recombination between paralogous sequences can result in rearrangements, including tandem duplications.
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The order of these lists is not important, but duplications do matter; for example, 'peptet' can be unravelled into two copies of 'pet'.
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In principle, genome duplications should be easily identified through the coincident emergence within a phylogeny of many gene families.
From Cambridge English Corpus
The high sequence identity among them, even within the introns, could indicate they are the products of recent gene duplications.
From Cambridge English Corpus
The variation necessary for selection may come from genome duplications, large effective population size, and\or high mutations rates.
From Cambridge English Corpus
Additionally, public health inspectors did not resolve inconsistencies and duplications in records during the early years.
From Cambridge English Corpus
Environments are considered as sets of statements, and therefore modulo permutations and duplications.
From Cambridge English Corpus
None of the models above provides an explanation for the duplications seen in tetrads nos. 26 and 28.
From Cambridge English Corpus
To avoid such duplications, we will allow reduction under abstractions, and propagation of substitutions through abstractions, but only when this does not introduce -conversion.
From Cambridge English Corpus

Translations of “duplication”



you still don’t know, why

Example2 (for data scientists): You have discovered a direct correlation between churn and a specific product feature. Great! You see that if new users use this feature, they will churn in 3 days. If they don’t use it, they will churn only in 30 days. But why is it so? Are they unsatisfied with the feature? Are they looking for something else? Does this feature communicate something wrong about your product? We won’t know until we don’t ask the users.

But why

Usually, I like to say that quantitative methods are great in discovering the answers for “What”, “When”, “Who”, “How”, but only qualitative methods will give you info about the “Why”.

“What”, “When”, “Who”, “How”, but only qualitative methods will give you info about the “Why”.

Note: if you are a UX-person, don’t get too excited, it’s also true the other way around. Using qualitative methods only is just as narrow-minded, as using analytics only.

Qualitative researches and Data Analyses go hand in hand

If you want to learn, how you can fit usability testing into your analytics efforts and Food Industry White Ladies Canvas Shoes From China Online 88xu0DB
processes, I highly recommend this article: Online Research Framework .

Are you convinced? Good! Then it’s time to run your first usability test! Don’t worry, it is fairly easy. First things first: invite some users. Where should you meet? In your office preferably – but in some cases a coffee house can do the job. Or even Skype or Google Hangouts conversations (eg. if you are running an international business). Then sit with each of the users – one at a time! – and go through your website.

Before you start it’s good to ask the participants to say out loud everything what’s on their mind during the test. Of course, you can ask questions too. (What is a good or bad question? I’ll get back to that below.)

It will help you a lot if you don’t just ask them to “go through your website”, but prepare with a scenario as well. Something like “imagine that you are going to Holidays – you have a $1000 budget and you would like to book your flights and hotels” . If you go this way, you can avoid the awkward situation of the testee clicking around on un-important subpages or get stuck after 3 minutes – with the question: “okay, now what should I do?” .

I also recommend to record the sessions and take notes.

Aaand.. that would be your first Usability Test. These are the principles at least. Of course there are a lot of best practices here. I’ll give you some of them to make things smoother for you.

Most of these best practices are to not let yourself be biased. Also to avoid inconveniences and make follow-ups easier. Let’s see:

1) One user at a time.

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